We strive to exceed client and employee expectations.  Recognizing that the success of St. Johns Law Group and our clients is absolutely dependent upon our attorneys, we truly value our professionals and prioritize the support and advancement of our most valuable asset.

  If you have spent your legal career, however long or short, looking for the “right” opportunity, St. Johns Law Group offers a wonderful office atmosphere built on fairness, transparency, respect and trust.  We are committed to the success of our attorneys and we are looking for lateral additions that share in our core values.  We have a professional platform to support your practice and we embrace the growth of niche areas.  Our foundation is built on financial strength and a continual investment in cutting-edge technology and equipment.

  The St. Johns Law Group building is one of the most prominent locations in St. Augustine Beach located in the Sea Grove Town Center at the corner of A1A and A Street.  Aside from being newly constructed, first-class office space that is second to none in the area, the building has capacity for up to 16 attorneys with staff and multiple conference rooms.  CLICK HERE TO TAKE A CLOSER LOOK

We give back to the community and donate time and resources to the charitable pursuits of each of our attorneys.  Our attorneys take leadership roles in St. Augustine area charitable organizations, having the confidence that St. Johns Law Group will be there in support and sponsorship.

  We have various compensation structures, reward performance and longevity, value high-quality work product and have a compliment of benefits, including group health, life and disability insurances.

  We appreciate the fact that today’s lawyer has many demands for their time and that professionals can be entrusted to manage their workload while balancing personal commitments.  We value our lives outside of the office, especially here in St. Augustine.  We also appreciate that experienced attorneys reach a point in their career where scaling back or working fewer hours becomes increasing desirable.  At the same time, we are ready to reward and commend goal setting, ambitious attorneys.  The bottom line, St. Johns Law Group is a very welcoming and endearing place to work with a sufficient number of attorneys to have a broad-spectrum of legal practice areas, attorneys at all career stages and a depth of experience to embrace diverse and unique opportunities.

  We are growing.  St. Johns Law Group is the area’s fastest growing group of attorneys and one of the largest law firms in St. Johns County.  For several years, we have been the largest law firm on Anastasia Island and in the City of St. Augustine Beach.

  Please contact us if you are an attorney with experience and are looking for a destination for professional growth in a team environment where you can count on your colleagues for support and collaboration while at the same time enjoying a rich personal life of being there for your family and advancement in the community.

The Attorneys of St. Johns Law Group